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How to maintain vibration test

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Vibration test equipment equipment maintenance is conducive to improving the accuracy of the test, so the maintenance of equipment is essential, the following Ai Lisi technicians after years of work experience, for everyone finishing some of the electromagnetic vibration test bed maintenance experience for everyone Reference, the following is the details:
1. No-load when the amplitude of the knob can not be away from the 5mm, pay attention to the load will be due to the weight of the different amplitude will change to produce abnormal noise and amplitude out of control based.
2. Adjust the amplitude knob to the "0" position.
3. Voltage instability is low or low will lead to amplitude out of control.
4. In the test should be prevented due to voltage instability or other reasons to damage the machine and test objects.
5. Amplitude is too large There is abnormal noise, such as generating over-current beyond the amplitude so that out of control This is the phenomenon of overload should be immediately small amplitude knob to exclude.
6. There are abnormal noise in operation to be stopped.
7. Use the attention slowly adjust the amplitude knob to the desired amplitude position.
8. Insert the power socket into the 220V power supply to determine the voltage.
9. The table should be padded with a piece of cloth to prevent the table in the work of moving.
10. The output cable is connected to the table connection cable.
11. Maximum load: 100KG.
12. The power switch is set to "ON" (switch lamp will be on).
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