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Environmental and reliability test

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Environmental test and reliability test Although the relationship is intimate, but they are in the test purposes, the number of environmental stress, environmental strength value selection criteria, test type, test time there are distinct differences.

Test purposes:
Environmental test is to investigate the adaptability of the product to the environment, to determine whether the environmental adaptability of the product design meets the requirements of the contract and provide the basis for decision-making. The reliability test is to quantitatively assess the reliability of the product, that is, the product in the specified environmental conditions, within a specified time to complete the required function of the probability.
Number of environmental stresses used:
In the case of environmental tests, the GJB150 provided 19 pilot projects, and 20 environmental test items were provided in the MIL-STD-810 D, 810F increased to 24 pilot projects, including environmental stresses that were more important for the product, Temperature, humidity, salt spray, vibration shock, pressure, solar radiation, sand dust, rain and so on. The tested products should be selected according to their future use of environmental conditions and the degree of impact on the pilot project selection, the general should be investigated more than 10 environmental stress. The reliability test is to carry out a comprehensive simulation, only the comprehensive environmental stress (temperature, humidity, vibration) and electrical stress combined test. It can be seen that the number of environmental stresses selected by the reliability test is much less than that of the environmental test.

Selection criteria for environmental stress values:

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