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Environmental Reliability - Vibration

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he equipment is a major mechanical environment test equipment. Mechanical environment mainly includes vibration, collision, drop, impact and other mechanical movement environment, in which collision, drop, shock and other mechanical movement forms are non-steady state of vibration. The vibration test equipment is a device that applies controllable and reproducible mechanical vibrations to the mechanical system and collects and analyzes the test data.
The presence of vibration and the dangers of vibration are everywhere in the world of human life, from the wind and rain in nature to the aircraft and the ship bridge and even the heart of the human body beating, vibration in various forms of human life impact. And mechanical vibration is the object in the equilibrium position near the reciprocating motion, in the process of mechanical vibration, the vibration of some physical parameters of the object, such as displacement, speed, etc., will be repeated changes, which bring daily life and engineering The harm. For example, vibration can cause noise pollution, resulting in damage to the human body; will exacerbate the fatigue and wear components, shorten the life of the machine. In recent years, with the development of high-power, high-speed, high-precision, light-weight, large-scale and miniaturization of mechanical equipment, the impact of vibration problems on improving product performance and industry manufacturing level and the safety of people's daily lives is becoming increasingly important.
Because of the vibration of the product performance will have an important impact, with the development of modern industry, people running a variety of vibration problems in the solution, and gradually formed a vibration test (mechanical environment test) theory and technology. The vibration test equipment for the analysis of vibration theory, assessment of test results and thus improve product performance is essential. With the continuous development of industrial technology, the structure of the product is more and more complex, the precision is getting higher and higher. The importance of the vibration test equipment is also analyzed in the dynamic analysis and dynamic control of the related products. Continue to improve.
At present, the mechanical vibration test system has been replaced by the vibration waveform in the actual use. The electric vibration test system is the most widely used vibration test equipment, which is widely used in automobile, Electronics, aerospace, shipbuilding and other industries and research institutes; and hydraulic vibration test system because of its large amplitude, low vibration frequency characteristics, mainly used in construction, bridges and anti-seismic research. At present, the company's test system to electric vibration test system based.
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