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Electrodynamic Vibration Test System Troubleshooting - Boot Failure

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Electrodynamic Vibration Test System Troubleshooting -  Boot Failure

1. Check whether the power supply of equipment is normal

Troubleshooting method: the user shall contact the electrician to troubleshoot the power supply problem

2. Open the power supply of the control cabinet, and check whether the device indicator light and

 the digital light of voltage and current are on


  2.1.   Phase continuity error between three phases

Exclusion method: adjust the phase sequence between the three phase electricity, re-power

 Phase-sequence method: adjust the wiring sequence of "L1", "L2" and "L3" at the wiring terminal of the equipment, as shown in the figure

2.2  One of the three-phase electricity is missing

Troubleshooting method: check the power grid and power supply phase shortage reasons, and eliminate the power grid and power supply phase shortage problems, and then power on again.

2.3  Emergency stop if pressed

Exclusion: reset the emergency stop button

2.4 Rule out the above reasons, if the indicator light is still not displayed, then it can be judged that the equipment internal parts

 (phase sequence protector, fuse, emergency stop switch, etc.) abnormal, need to contact the manufacturer for fault maintenance.

3. Check whether the computer and operating software are opened normally

1. If the computer and operating software are turned on normally, the vibration machine is still unable to operate

(1) whether the Settings are correct when operating the software. When setting test conditions, the user should check whether it is beyond the capacity of the device.

(2) whether the drive line between the controller and the control cabinet is connected normally or damaged. If the drive line is damaged, please replace it in time.

4. When doing vibration testing, check whether the table screws, test products, sensors and sensor wire are loosen or damaged.

5. Check whether the control cabinet is opened normally

Correct opening method: press the "open" button on the front first, wait 15 seconds, turn on the "Gain" botton, and then slowly turn the 

"Gain‘’ knob to the maximum value, turn it back a little bit.

6. If there is an alarm phenomenon during the boot process of the equipment, please timely record the alarm items

 and troubleshooting by referring to the operation manual configured when the equipment leaves the factory.

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