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Electrodynamic Vibration Vibration Test System - Basic Knowledge

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Working Principle of Vibration Exciter

The working principle of the electromagnetic vibration exciter is similar to a loudspeaker whereby electrical conductor is moved by the action of electromagnetic force in the magnetic field. The force to accelerate the moving part is generated by the balance between driving current and magnetic flux. Therefore, by controlling the driving current, one can control the vibration generator.


The maximum acceleration level of the electromagnetic vibration exciter is determined by the maximum current and the loading. At low frequency, displacement of moving part  is restricted such that the acceleration will not reach high level. The resonance frequency of the moving element is set higher than the upper limit of the frequency range.


The performance of vibration generator can be reflected by the chart that displays the maximum acceleration under different frequencies. By using a log-log plot, the restriction of displacement can be expressed by a straight line with slope of 6 dB/octave.


Test requirements and model selection guide

To choose a suitable vibration test system, the most important thing is to know the exciting force required to perform the vibration test. To evaluate and calculate the exciting force, the following test specifications should be known:

Clear Testing Requirements:

1. Frequency (Frequency Range)

2. Maximum Acceleration

3. Maximum Displacement

4. Maximum Velocity

5. Specimen Mass and Fixation


The specimen fixation is selected based on the upper limit of test frequency and specimen size, either vertical expansion platform or horizontal slip table. Specimen mass is needed to evaluate the required exciting force for vibration test.


Evaluation of Armature Mass

When evaluating the exciting force needed for vibration test, you can choose a temporary armature mass (according to the model of EV series)

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