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Shock Test Systems

Name:Shock Test Systems


Products are inevitably affected by impact, bump, free fall, tumbling, etc. during production, transportation, loading and 

unloading as well as during the use of the products. All of these are transient excitation on the object, causing the object 

to produce mechanical characteristics of high speed, acceleration, strain rate, etc instantly. These kind of characteristics 

are completely different from that in static load, and may cause problems to the object in terms of structural strength and 

stability and sometimes the object may fail. Therefore, it is necessary to study the effect of impact and reproduce the shock

 environment, to assess the structural strength and performance of the object under shock environment.

The Application of Shock Test

Shock test is used to accurately measure the product fragility and evaluate the protective ability of product packaging. To do

 a boundary assessment on complete product breakage, industrial standard shock pulse or company’s internal standards, 

we can provide the most advanced shock test system to meet your application requirements.

Suitable shock tests for aviation, aerospace, marine, military, consumer electronics, automobiles, home appliances and display

devices. By selecting different waveform generators, it can perform half sinusoidal wave, sawtooth wave, or trapezoidal wave.

Labtone can provide you the advanced shock testing systems to realize your applications whether you need complete product

damage boundary assessment, industry standard impact pulse or other required conditions. Shock testing systems widely used

on aviation, aerospace, vessel, military industry, consumer electronics, automobile, household appliances and display device.

1. Convenient touching screen operation;
2. Complete safety protection system;
3. Utilize pneumohydraulic booster and braking system to prevent multiple impact;

4. With air spring shock absorber and hydraulic shock samping mechanism, there will be no influence of impact on the surrounding

 and no foundation requirement.

Technical Specificaiton

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