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Release hook KDT2000

Name:Release hook KDT2000


The KDT2000 Drop Tester is designed to simulate the drops and mechanical hazards that occur in distribution.

 It is especially suited to very large, heavy payloads which cannot be tested on conventional drop test machines.

 Regardless of the size or shape of the package, the systems is capable of performing a variety of free fall ( flat,

corner of edge). When in use, lift the ring by lifting it onto the release mechanism jaw and then lifting the release

 mechanism and the test package up to the test drop height by lifting the device. The foot release switch activates

the solenoid valve in the release mechanism so that the release mechanism jaws open and the package is free to 


1: High-strength aluminum construction for durability and ruggedness
2:  Latch jaws and linkage have self-lubricating, low friction bearings
3:  Positive locking design will not release load in the event of power loss
4:  Foot-switch assembly detaches from unit for convenient set-up and storage
5: Good reliability and high security

6:Composed by rapid release device, lifting ring and release switch.

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